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Fortnite's limited time mode Playground end date revealed

Published: 09:56, 07 July 2018
Epic Games
Picture of the limited time mode Playground in Epic Games' Fortnite
Fortnite - Playground

Epic Games have announced that Fortnite's limited time mode Playground is going to last until 12 July 2018. They stated that the mode is going offline until they upgrade it and deliver the next version, meaning it's not gone forever.

Nathan Mooney, Epic Games' community manager was the one to deliver the news on reddit, as he pointed out the studio is hard at work to bring about the next version of Playground. There is still a decent chunk of time left before it goes offline as well, about five days at the time of writing.

He has also stated that the next version of Playground should include the ability for players to choose their team. On top of that, the new Playground will also bring 1v1 and 2v2 modes thanks to the team selection, aim assist for controllers, editing other players' structures and damaging enemies with pickaxe.

Additional changes will include a fix for the traps, so they damage enemies and allies accordingly, and a quality of life update that will allow spotting teammates on the map. Mooney ended his statement by reminding players that they have time until season 5 or v5.0 to access their Playground replays. 

According to Mooney, this first and somewhat troubled iteration of Playground was just a taste of what a creative mode in Fortnite should look like. While it sounds interesting, it also sounds a lot like Save the World, which still has not gone free for some reason. 

Meanwhile, players are having a blast in Playground so far and the video embedded above is the perfect evidence. In this case Noahh and his friends constructed a bona fide racing track, resembling those in Mario Kart.

Epic Games Fortnite: Battle Royale's new vehicle called the Shopping Cart Fortnite

Noahh's race track took it to the next level though, as the racing was done in actual carts. Sure, Mario, Peach and Bowser racing are all kinds of hilarious and competitive at the same time, but let's face it - nothing beats a John Wick pushing a cart around a physically impossible racing track.

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