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Epic Games exclusives don't bother nine out of 10 PC gamers in US

Published: 20:35, 14 January 2020
Updated: 08:56, 24 January 2020
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Epic Games Store is well on its way to becoming one of the leaders on the market as both the recently revealed revenue numbers and analysts' projections of consumer behaviour suggest. In fact, nine out of 10 US gamers didn't mind another launcher to access the exclusive content.

UPDATE (24 January 2020): Actual disproved this theory. Original article follows.

Epic Games Store found itself in crosshairs of antagonised gamers when they aggressively pushed for their slice of digital game distribution market - by securing third party exclusives instead of offering a platform as comfy as Steam. However, the players complaining about Epic Games' strategy that incorporated the exclusives were just a vocal minority.

According to in early 2019, nine out of 10 PC gamers in the US were willing to download a new launcher in order to play a game they were anticipating. Considering this happened at the height of the Epic Games exclusivity controversy when Metro Exodus kerfuffle was heated up, it would be safe to assume the situation isn't any better today when the controversy is not in the spotlight anymore.

SuperData continued by reiterating that the question revolved around the games the players were anticipating and wanted to play them but it still showed that only a handful of players were willing to skip an anticipated title in order not to support a different store.

Meanwhile, Epic Games Store's head honchos also confirmed the platform is performing well. What's more, it's exceeding expectations as it raked in . It is unclear what the profits were or whether it was profitable at all but since this is the first year where the platform aggressively wrestled with Steam, it's hard to call it shabby.

4A Games A man standing on railway tracks in shooter Metro Exodus Metro Exodus kicked off the controversy which apparently ended up harmless

Overall, Epic Games Store turned out to be going strong. The players can keep complaining about exclusives on PC but the money they spend tells a different story.

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