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Epic Games announce Fortnite's Season 4 Blockbuster contest

Published: 09:56, 04 July 2018
Epic Games
Poster for Epic Games' Fortnite contest called the Blockbuster

Epic Megagames, god I love that name, have decided to give Fortnite content creators a nudge in the creative direction, announcing Fortnite Blockbuster contest, where they're looking to find the "ultimate Season 4 superhero flick."

The terms are to write the movie yourself and direct it using Fortnite's replay system of course. Blockbuster lasts only until 11 July 2018 but as a wise man once said, to achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time. Well, that and Fortnite's replay system.

If you happen to win the contest, your movie will debut in Risky Reels fo all the world to see, which is pretty amazing when you think of it. Movie goers are a crazy bunch, true, but with Fortnite's numbers through the proverbial roof, I bet more people will see your movie there than they ever would on any festival. Not to mention the wildly varying demographic.

The winner will also be getting an in-game poster in Fortnite world, another testament to his/her creativity, which is again a better service than any real life poster would provide. Naturally, there's V-Bucks too, 25,000 of them for the winner, while five finalists will get 10,000 each.

Entrants will be rated for how "super" their superhero flick is, how well it entails everything Fortnite's Season 4 has been about and of course, originality. 

Note that you can only use own gameplay and royalty free audio, so you might as well forget any memetastic material you planned on ripping off. Epic even advises hopping over and borrowing some music from YouTube's royalty free library, in case you end up needing some.

I must admit I find myself loving this move by Epic, because I've had higher hopes for Fortnite's replay editor, especially considering the sort of creative capabilities it offers. Nevertheless, most users seem to have focused on killing montages, which is really a waste of potential.

Epic Games Fortnite's private eye-themed cosmetics from update 4.5 Fortnite

You can find exact details in Epic's official announcement on Fortnite's website . You can find

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