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Epic announced Fortnite Wargames and Endurance rewards changes

Published: 22:08, 30 July 2019
Epic Games
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Epic Games have posted a heads-up on Fortnite's upcoming changes to Wargames and Endurance Modes, and the company will reduce the rewards in order to prevent players from AFKing through the matches and still picking up the rewards.

The company is planning to keep Wargames and Endurance modes in Fortnite's Season 10, and as permanent modes beyond that, so some changes were deemed necessary.

"With Season 9 coming to a close, seasonal tickets will no longer be offered as a reward for Wargames Daily Quests and Wargames Mission Rewards", the company wrote, and this is the only change with immediate effect.

As for the rest of the changes, they will be in effect once Fortnite's Season 10 has kicked off, starting with a reduction in Mission Rewards for Wargames. Epic resorted to this so as to discourage players from AFKing through the mode. 

This will be compensated through Daily Wargames Quests, which will earn you rewards specific to Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.

Unfortunately, the Husk Swarm challenge has turned out to be very AFK-friendly, so Epic will be removing it altogether. Fortnite Season 10's new Daily Wargames Quests will earn the following:

  •     Stonewood Daily Wargames Quests will reward additional Gold
  •     Plankerton Daily Wargames Quests will reward Gold and a choice of Evolution Materials
  •     Canny Valley Daily Wargames Quests will reward Gold and RE-PERK!
  •     Twine Peaks Daily Wargames Quests will reward Gold and a choice of Epic PERK-UP! or Legendary PERK-UP!

Fortnite Endurance's early waves are getting reward cuts as well, for the same AFK-ing reason. Epic will be saving the best rewards for the mode's latter stages, so as to reward the most dedicated and skilful players, and naturally - the waves will get progressively more difficult. 

Epic Games Fortnite World Cup winner in Solos category Fortnite World Cup, Solos winner

Epic Games have recently held the Fortnite World Cup finals and peculiarly enough, many popular streamers didn't even make the cut, which paved the way to the Kyle Giesdorf cruising to victory in the last stage.

You can find the announced changes to Fortnite Endurance and Wargames on Epic's .


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