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Epic Games announce Fortnite LTM Creator Contest, winner gets LTM

Published: 13:49, 25 March 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite LTM Creator Contest poster
Fortnite LTM Creator Contest

Although competitions were so far mostly reserved for the Battle Royale part of Fortnite, Epic Games have now announced a competition in Fortnite Creative, with the winning submission winning an in-game spot as a limited time mode.

Back when they were announcing Fortnite's 2019 , Epic mentioned that it won't all be about clicking heads, as they've got Fortnite Creative plans as well.

"For the very first time in Fortnite, we'll be featuring a Limited Time Mode that was fully developed within Creative by a community creator", they wrote.

The winner will get a chance to be featured in-game as an in-game LTM as well as become part of Fortnite's Support a Creator program, which makes supporting favourite creators a breeze.

Anyway, players have to create a multiplayer experience that supports from 4 to 16 players. Players are free to create whatever they envision but if they lack inspiration, Epic recommends setups like 4v4v4v4, 4v12 where the 4 have an advantage, etc. 

They're also recommending game length between 10 and 20 minutes, so as to encourage replayability, as well as active participation of players the entire time. Naturally, nobody wants to sit on the sidelines.

Submissions of your Fortnite Creative work last until 08 April although you'd do well to browse through the , as Epic explained everything, down to the scoring system.

"When Creative was first envisioned, we were extremely excited about the potential for creators to create their own games that could then be featured as LTMs. The Block was the first step, introduced in Season 7 and began the journey of shared player made creations. Season 8 furthers that opportunity for any player or group as you can now matchmake together into an experience created by you, for everyone", Epic wrote.

Epic Games Fortnite: Battle Royale
Fortnite: Battle Royale

As for the more battle oriented part of Fortnite, Epic said that a million dollars will be up for grabs every week between 13 April and 16 June 2019.

You can find Epic's official announcement of Fortnite Creative LTM Creator Contest .

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