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Elite: Dangerous Distant Worlds 2 took lives of over 9000 pilots

Published: 13:50, 09 July 2019
Elite: Dangerous - Thargoid encounter

Elite: Dangerous repeatedly sees some of the largest community-organised events, such as the Distant Suns and Distant Worlds expeditions. Distant Worlds 2 was the most recent ones and about 9,000 players died in-game over its course.

Elite: Dangerous community organised massive expeditions for years and the latest one in the string was Distant Worlds 2 that saw over 13,000 ships joining together to cross the known galaxy.

Considering Frontier Developments in creating the world of Elite: Dangerous, you can only imagine it took blood, sweat, tears and a lot of time.

In fact, the journey in January 2019 when over 10,000 ships kicked the expedition off, with more joining over the coming weeks. Casualties were reported almost immediately after the journey began though, with some accidents having due to players not accounting for different gravity rules on various planets.

Organising over 13,600 ships turned out to not be a small feat which most of the players learned the hard way. Not only was the communication a problem, but delving into unexplored space on a six-month journey simply spells out trouble.

All of this resulted in 72.5 casualty rate, since about 9,800 of those ships were destroyed or went missing with only 3,747 pilots making it to . The commander who organised all of this, Qohen Leth, is retiring from Elite: Dangerous, meaning his ship will remain in the desolate Beagle Point for an undisclosed amount of time.

Successful returns and tragic ends were not the only part of the information presented by Qohen Leth though, who was kind enough to make an entire showing the impressive numbers of Distant Worlds 2.

Frontier Developments Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous

For example, each and every one of the existing ships was a part of the expeditionary fleet with Anaconda and Asp Explorer being the ones with the highest success rate. The combined surface of all ships in the fleet was over 90,000 square kilometers, which would be enough to cast a shadow over the entirety of Ireland, Portugal or Maine, USA.


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