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Elite Dangerous Odyssey announce trailer re-uploaded by fans

Published: 15:05, 03 June 2020
Frontier Developments
Elite: Dangerous Odyssey
Elite: Dangerous Odyssey

Frontier Developments posted an announcement trailer for Elite: Dangerous Odyssey but quickly pulled it down. It was long enough for fans to record the trailer and re-upload it though. It features space legs!

UPDATE: The official trailer has now been made available again , along with official info. The original article follows.

Elite: Dangerous offers plenty of fun piloting various space-worthy vessels but players have been wishing for more ways to explore the vast environments for a long while now. One way to explore the newfound planets are the extravehicular activities or EVA for short. Other names for this exploration are space legs and elite feet.

Odyssey, the upcoming content drop is all about EVA or space legs it seems since the announcement trailer extensively features people walking on a planet's surface, which made the fans ecstatic.

However, it seems like someone let the cat out of the bag too soon since Frontier Developments removed the trailer from their official channel almost immediately. Thankfully, this is the internet and nothing really goes away for good and someone has already re-uploaded the video.

Besides the showcase of space legs, it offers another important bit of info - Odyssey is going to be released in early 2021 so we are still at least six months away from the elite feet features.

According to Elite: Dangerous' wiki, this will be the fourth content season and second paid expansion for the game. Considering the guns were shown in the trailer, the first-person shooter elements are confirmed.

One thing that the trailer didn't showcase but developers already mentioned is that we will meet Thargoids "in the flesh" although one could expect to meet them "in the bark", based on their ships' exterior looks.

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