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Elite Dangerous - 2.3.01 patch to fix some of the glaring bugs

Published: 10:26, 21 April 2017
Updated: 08:56, 18 April 2019
Frontier Developments
Elite: Dangerous

Frontier Developments will be releasing a major bug fixing patch to address the issues their latest update caused in Elite: Dangerous. The 2.3.01 patch will be released in early May 2017 and is preceded by a heartfelt apology by the devs.

This month's The Commanders update seemingly created more bugs than it fixed, so the game's developer Frontier naturally announced another patch to fix the new bugs.

The 2.3 update added the Multi-Crew feature, but also caused a galaxy-wide sim failure. In addition to the failure, some considerable swings in the system occurred, which caused the player to loose nearly all their progress, after the update was applied.

Frontier Developments Elite Dangerous Elite Dangerous

In addition to this, some Xbox players noticed their menu text was pulling a disappearing act on them and game freezing up when leaving a multiplayer session. Frontier quickly issued an apology: "Thank you so much for your continued patience, we are hugely appreciative of the input and feedback and very sorry that such an issue occurred on day one for so many of you. We'll continue working toward a full solution and assurances that similar issues are prevented in the future."

So now they are announcing an update to fix the problems and it's set to arrive in early May. The 2.3.01 update will focus on fixing the bugs reported by the community since 2.3 launched.

Frontier Developments Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous

The fixes will address the following issues, but the list is not final:

  •  Galaxy map UI tag not pointing to selected target body
  • Packhounds having infinite ammunitionMulticrew bug fixes
  • Various Stability improvements across the boardMissing
  • Galnet articles will be fixedXBOX main menu softlock will be fixed
  • Large frame rate drop when friends log in to the game

The list will become more conclusive as the patch nears its release date. You are still encouraged to report any and all bugs you encounter.

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