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Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One going live soon

Published: 19:10, 21 February 2018
Frontier Developments
A picture of outer space with Elite Dangerous logo on it announcing the new season reveal.
Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One

Frontier Development's sci-fi spacefaring simulation Elite Dangerous is getting its third season debut on 27 February 2018. Players have been waiting for the fixes and Beyond will be looking to address them.

During the first Frontier Expo, Frontier showed numerous changes and updates coming to their game lineup. Chief among them is Elite Dangerous, and it's getting a series of updates with content and fixes. One such update is an targeting criminal behaviour. As they said, this should make they galaxy ''fairer and more competitive''.

Another update will allow players to see most the profitable trade routes, improve the crafting and reward systems, and will introduce a new combat ship - The Chieftain. This new vessel is apparently a response to the invading aliens known as Thargoids, who are piloting the oddly flower-shaped ships. Thargoids have been increasingly aggressive in the past, which eventually resulted in an all out assault on human starports.

Frontier Developments A picture of a futuristic space ship called The Chieftain from the game Elite Dangerous, it's painted in 50 shades of gray. Elite Dangerous

The improvements to criminal activity interactions will involve Advance Tactical Response units that will pursue players that engage in criminal behaviour repeatedly, and a system similar to wanted posters that will associate crimes with the ships owned by the offending player.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond will be free of charge for all the owners of the game, and there are more chapters in development. It is not yet confirmed whether the new chapters will be free or not. 

Frontier Developments Screenshot from Elite Dangerous showing a Diamondback human vessel up against a massive flower shaped Thargoid ship in space. Elite Dangerous

Frontier have also announced a ''Thargoids in Real Life'' contest on Steam which is a topic that raises questions from confused readers as much as Death Stranding trailers, and details are scarce. Uncertainty can keep hype or at least curiosity alive long for quite a while, and Frontier did say more details will be coming to their Facebook and Twitter pages soon.

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