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Elden Ring player defeats Malenia on two platforms at once

Published: 23:56, 06 January 2023
Bandai Namco
Elden Ring - Malenia
Elden Ring - Malenia

Malenia is probably the most famous boss in Elden Ring, which made the players most creative about approaching her.

Elden Ring has a ton of bosses for players to tackle, with Malenia being one of the more challenging ones, courtesy of healing and Waterfowl Dance.

This prompted one brave soul to kill Malenia repeatedly on behalf of other players so they can proceed with the game instead of being stuck at the boss.

If From Software were thinking about making a Hall of Fame for Elden Ring, the person behind the Let Me Solo Her character would definitely be a contender but they would have extremely tight competition with Mikkaa, who killed Malenia twice at the same time.

Yes, you heard it right - the variety streamer that became hooked on Elden Ring managed to beat Malenia while controlling two instances of the game, with two different inputs.

If you thought that was impressive, then the real kicker is going to be quite the treat - besides a controller for the first instance of the game, Mikkaa's input for the second one was a dance pad.

We found it deliciously ironic that Malenia was beaten in an actual dance-off as her Waterfowl Dance eventually couldn't keep up with Mikkaa's skills.

Just like many other incredible feats humanity achieved, this one required a massive amount of dedication. Mikkaa didn't manage to win just like that.

It took her almost 200 attempts over the course of three days to cross the finish line, with the success coming at the 199th attempt but it was totally worth it as it resulted in a battle that was legendary. Or two of them, at the same time.


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