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Elden Ring's stealth features visibility system affected by weather and time of day

Published: 08:49, 02 March 2021
From Software
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The leaked video showcased some stealth elements, similar to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and thanks to some reliable sources, we have additional info about stealth, which will be affected by the time of day and weather.

The start of the week has been absolutely jam-packed for all Elden Ring fans who were eagerly anticipating new trailers, details and gameplay footage of FromSofware's upcoming game. In case you are out of the loop, on Monday, we got a first look at Elden Ring gameplay thanks to a leaked internal trailer, which showcased combat, bosses, creatures and gorgeous locations that we will get to explore.

The quality of the leaked video is not the best to say the least since it's recorded off-screen with a pretty poor camera but it's still enough to show us some gameplay elements including stealth.

Yes, Elden Ring will feature stealth that will be very similar to Sekiro according to reliable FromSofware insider Omnipotent, who shared some additional info about this gameplay mechanic. Apparently, the game features a visibility system that is affected by things like time of day, weather etc. 

"The stealth system is similar to Sekiro, so obviously in the trailer, you can see the player crouching to do an assassination but beyond that, there's a visibility system in place that's also affected by things like ToD and weather. At night and in fog you're going to be harder to detect," Omni wrote.

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Sounds pretty exciting, right? It seems From Software are looking to add more mechanics to their renowned Souls gameplay formula, which is not surprising since Elden Ring should be the developers' first true open-world game.

Hopefully, we'll get to see an official trailer very soon and potentially a dev diary, explaining all of these features. Fingers crossed!

Elden Ring - an action RPG by George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware

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