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Elden Ring could finally be shown in March as Xbox event reportedly gets firm date

Published: 18:04, 26 February 2021
From Software
Elden Ring

According to reports, Microsoft will host a gaming event on March 23, 2021, where they plan to talk about upcoming Xbox exclusives and potentially third-party games.

Rumours about Microsoft's big gaming event have surfaced recently, hinting at some big reveals, primarily for Bethesda games but also some third-party titles. The event would be announced shortly after the official announcement of Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, which is expected to be completed sometime in March 2021.

Today, we have a new report regarding this Xbox gaming event. According to tech podcaster Paul Thurrott, Microsoft is apparently holding this gaming event on March 23, 2021. "Microsoft is apparently holding a what's new for gaming event on March 23. To be followed by a what's new for Windows event! No date yet," he tweeted.

At the moment, we do not know what exactly Microsoft plan to show at this event. Is this a major gaming event similar to Xbox Showcase last summer? Well, it could be but it's really hard to say at this moment. If the event is bringing some third-party titles, then this is probably one of the events where Elden Ring could be revealed. 

We know that Microsoft have the marketing rights for the game, which was announced on Xbox's E3 show. Additionally, reliable Jeff Grubb has teased that the game could be revealed by the end of March 2021, and since the Xbox event is on March 23, this gives us hope that FromSoftware's title will indeed be there. Fingers crossed!

Elden Ring - an action RPG by George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware

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Elden Ring

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