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Elden Ring could feature Tendency mechanic, swimming, hunting and more

Published: 07:27, 06 April 2021
From Software
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Elden Ring

Another Elden Ring from 4chan has some interesting new details regarding the lore, gameplay and the open world. Though, this is 4chan so a dose of scepticism is required.

It's been a long wait for Elden Ring, From Software's upcoming action RPG which still has not been properly revealed and still does not have target release window. And while we wait to hear more about the game, all we have are shady leaks and rumours from Reddit, 4chan and other gaming forums and message boards. 

The latest one is quite packed with details which usually suggests it's fake but let's check it out anyway.

Here's everything included in the 4chan post:

  • Some kingdoms do not have a weather system, like snow only for example, but still have a day/night cycle- Weather and day and night cycle used to open up new areas.
  • Multiple realms. Similar to Light/Dark world of Zelda ALTTP.- World divided in kingdoms, with at least one teleport location on each.
  • You can also create your own resting place to which you can teleport to.- You can sheath your weapon. All equipped weapons are visible on the player.
  • Gods are creatures that came from the other realm to the human realm before the Elden Ring shattered.
  • Humans want to ascend the same way to experiment with the vanquished creatures that reside in the other realm by exploring/taking possession of the lands of the other realm now that the borders are thinner.
  • Rulers of the kingdoms want to use that new power to invade other kingdoms in the human realm.
  • Each kingdom ruler uses a special power that you can obtain by defeating it. Those powers can open new paths in the realms. Some rulers are the spokesperson of ancient gods, granting them the special power.
  • Kingdom tendency: Each time a player defeats the ruler of your Kingdom, it changes its "tendency".
  • On the gameplay side: you can swim, dive, multiple type of dodges, crouch, hide, run, jump, craft herbs, hunt
  • You can learn multiple weapon skills and use them on any weapon of the same type. Unusable on special weapons and boss weapons.
  • The player can experiment with its body by modifying it, enhancing it through rituals.
  • When your weapon is sheathed, you can manually grab things in the environment. Activate a lever, push/hold a block, launch objects. No text indication on what you can grab except for story dependant/important objects.
  • The world has a set level design but there are some entrances that lead to procedurally generated ruins, caves etc.

Elden Ring - an action RPG by George R.R. Martin and FromSoftware

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