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EA's Star Wars exclusivity arrangement won't be renewed past 2023

Published: 14:05, 14 January 2021
Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition

It looks like EA have lost the exclusive licence for the megapopular franchise Star Wars. According to reliable sources, the partnership between EA and LucasFilm Games won't be renewed past 2023.

This week, LucasFilm Games announced two new games and one of them is a brand new Star Wars title, developed by Ubisoft Massive, the team behind The Division series. In case you're wondering what happened and how Ubisoft managed to partner up with LucasFilm Games since EA are exclusively responsible for the franchise, well, it looks like Disney and LucasFilm Games were not happy with EA's work over the last several years. 

In the eight years since EA signed the deal to develop Star Wars games, the publisher has released only four titles - two Battlefronts, Jedi Fallen Order and Squadrons. It's also worth mentioning that they have cancelled at least three games codenamed Ragtag, Orca and Viking.

According to reliable Jason Schreier, EA have certainly lost the exclusivity agreement for Star Wars games and now other publishers will be taking a piece of one of the biggest sci-fi franchises in the world. 

"With news that Ubisoft Massive is making a Star Wars game, it's official that the EA exclusivity arrangement won't be renewed past 2023. Good news for Star Wars fans and probably even for EA, whose current leaders inherited a licensing deal they never wanted," Schreier tweeted.

It seems that EA will still be the only publisher to release AAA games until 2023 when Ubisoft's open-world title is expected to arrive. LucasFilm did say they have more unannounced Star Wars projects in the works but these also probably won't be coming in the next two years. 

All in all, we have to say these are certainly good news since EA didn't really use the potential of the franchise in the best possible way. Yes, we got Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is a great title but other than that, it doesn't seem like EA tried hard enough.

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