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Earthfall is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Published: 19:05, 13 July 2018
Picture of another giant monster about to be blown away by a shotgun

Holospark have announced that the simultaneous launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of their co-op shooter game Earthfall is underway. In case you're wondering what this game might be, it's basically Left 4 Dead with alien zombies.

Seattle based developer Holospark has announced that Earthfall is now available at the price of $29,99 / €27,99 / £23,79. The actual price tag is interesting in itself, as most games sell for the same amount of USD and Euro depending on the continent, but Holospark seem to have taken the actual values into consideration for European players' sake.

The launch, of course, came with a launch trailer which can be seen above. You will quickly deduce that the game is pretty much Left 4 Dead with aliens instead of zombies so if you're a fan of Valve's series, you may find Earthfall capable of filling that void that the lack of Left 4 Dead 3 left you with.

It doesn't seem to be just a four player co-op whack-an-alien-and-move-on, as there is a mention of building defences in the game's features. This indicates players will have to hold off certain points, instead of just moving through maps as was the case with Left 4 Dead series. It also makes sense because the game will put you in the boots of several members of Earth's resistance against an alien invasion.

Russell Williams, CEO of Holospark, didn't attempt to hide the fact that Left 4 Dead was the team's main inspiration as he stated that their goal for years was to offer players "an exciting co-op shooter that matched the intensity and quality that Left 4 Dead set nearly 10 years ago".

Holospark Picture of a giant monster about to be blown away by a shotgun Earthfall

He also added that post-launch content will include free DLC updates every four to six weeks, which sounds like quite a challenge, depending on how much new content each DLC contains. Considering the game's price tag isn't terribly high, it may just prove to be a worthy successor to Left 4 Dead.

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