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Battlefield V will feature no pay-to-win mechanics, says EA

Published: 10:51, 30 October 2018
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EA have updated their Road to Battlefield V post series, detailing the planned progression in the game, cosmetic unlocks and virtual currencies. It seems like the game will go more in Fortnite and less Star Wars: Battlefront II direction.

EA DICE are steering away from the backlash laid upon them for releasing Star Wars: Battlefront II in the abominable, loot box infested pay-to-win state. They are instead focusing on cosmetic microtrasactions as they stated that "The goal of fair and balanced play without pay-to-win is always front and center of everything we do for Battlefield V".

While abandoning pay-to-win tendencies is admirable,  while hiding behind apparent inclusivity in order to justify cosmetic microtransactions is not. Anyway, the cosmetics in Battlefield V will not be entirely locked behind a paywall, a decent chunk of them will be earned through regular progression.

The game will feature two types of currency - Company Coin and Battlefield Currency. Company Coin will be earned through playing the game while the latter will be paid for with real life currency and will only be used for cosmetics, some of which might be purchasable only with Battlefield Currency.

Company Coin can also be used for improving your Specialisations or vehicles. Enhancing Specialisations will have direct gameplay influence on the infantry, so players can actually do silly things, like increase hip fire accuracy for MG42.

Players can also opt to spend Company Coin on increasuing durability of their vehicles and likely add other amenities to them that would increase chances of victory. Therefore, if someone finds themselves at what seems like an unfair advantage in Battlefield V, the real reason will be that the overpowering player had progressed further in the game, not because they shelled out a bunch of money.

EA Oscar Mike helmet, DICE's gift to Battlefield V players Battlefield V, Oscar Mike helmet

Back to the topic of paid currency, Battlefield Currency will not be available at launch, so players will first have time to accommodate themselves with the regular unlocks. You can read all the details on the official .


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