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EA say Battlefield 2042 beta received "overwhelmingly positive" feedback

Published: 07:21, 04 November 2021
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Battlefield 2042's tornadoes can change the gameplay dramatically

EA seem to be pretty happy with Battlefield 2042 beta tests. The publisher revealed that more than 7.7 million players played the beta, which received positive feedback.

In their Q2 financial report, EA have shared a couple of interesting details about the long-awaited Battlefield 2042, which is officially releasing this month.

EA confirmed that the beta tests have manage to attract a large number of players - over 7.7 million across all platforms to be more precise. 

What's even more interesting about Battlefield 2042 betas, is that EA see things a bit differently than most of the community. The publisher say that the feedback following the beta was "overwhelmingly positive" and that there is "a tremendous demand" for their upcoming shooter.

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The Battlefield community has been pretty vocal since the beta, stating that the game is not in the best shape and could probably benefit from another delay. A lot of the criticism has also been directed at the gameplay as well as the Specialists system.

EA did not mention any of these in their report but they did acknowledge that there was conversations about some aspects of the game that are "not unnatural in beta" according to EA head Andrew Wilson.

We participated in both beta tests and can confirm that the game had many issues, which, to be fair, can be fixed before launch, but the concern from the community is certainly a valid one.

You can check out EA's Q2 financial report on their website.

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