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EA Play is coming back for 2018, will wrap up before E3 kicks off

Published: 12:34, 23 February 2018
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Star Wars: Battlefront II

EA Play will be hosted out of Los Angeles before the big E3 showcase starts. The main show will be open to the paying public and go on for an extra hour each day. The morning hours of the show will be reserved for the members of the press.

EA will host their EA Play event ahead of this year's E3. The company did the same thing last year and they seem to have liked it. Just like last year, EA Play will be hosted out of Los Angeles before the big E3 showcase kicks off.

This year's EA Play event will start on 09 June and go on until 11 June 2018. The main show will once again be open to the paying public, but only after the press has had its turn. The morning hours of the show will be reserved for press' eyes only. 

EA A poster for Burnout Paradise Remaster depicting cars and bikes EA: Burnout Paradise Remaster

EA Play 2018 will also run for one hour longer each day. The venue this year will be the Hollywood Palladium and tickets are said to be going on sale sometime this spring. During their own mini E3 experience, EA will hold a press conference and offer a space where people can give the upcoming games a go.

One of the highlights is bound to be the new Battlefield title. Besides the fact that it's due to launch this fall, we don't know much else about the upcoming shooter.

A variety of EA's sports games should be playable, as well as a couple of their mobile titles. EA said in a statement that they will do a better job organising the whole (or)deal. One of the biggest complaints last year was that there weren't enough opportunities for the attendants to give the available games a decent go.

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The company has confirmed they are partnering up with numerous streaming personalities across Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, as well as giving folks plenty of looks at the upcoming roster of EA games.

Star Wars: Battlefront II 's publisher hasn't been portrayed by the press in the kindest of ways recently, so it'll be nice to see them try to address all the controversies.

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