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EA: No tension between Apex Legends and Battlefield V's Firestorm

Published: 16:29, 06 February 2019
EA logo over Apex Legends and Battlefield V artwork
EA, Apex Legends v. Battlefield V Firestorm

Responding to questions in EA's earnings call, the company's CEO Andrew Wilson said that there shouldn't be any tension between Battlefield V's battle royale mode Firestorm and Respawn's Apex Legends, as the two games are very different.

EA was unusually candid in that they've made some wrong calls with Battlefield V, most notably focusing on the singleplayer campaign instead of banking on its upcoming battle royale mode Firestorm.

Wilson was soon asked whether there is tension between Apex Legends and Firestorm, seeing as how both occupy the same space, but EA's CEO doesn't seem to be particularly concerned.

"We think that these [games] while they sit inside the Battle Royale kind of genre, [are] two very different types of experiences", Wilson said. He thinks that Battlefield V and Apex Legends have distinctly different flavours and as such, each has its own place. 

Apex Legends is more about "fast-paced play", he said, which is sure to strike a chord with the parts of the gaming community that like hectic, break-neck shooters.

Firestorm, on the other hand, is slower paced and has vehicle play, which he thinks will cater to players looking for more strategic shooter experience. "Given the size of the community, given the very different types of gameplay, even inside the Battle Royale genre, we believe those two modes can fit very well together in the community", he added.

Wilson is, of course, delighted with the response to Apex Legends, as the game racked up players just eight hours after it launched. The numbers kept growing and Respawn's game's first day ended up with 2.5 million unique users, an achievement that's even more impressive when you consider the fact it launched on a Tuesday.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Mirage with his holograms in a bar Apex Legends - Mirage

According to Battlefield V's , Firestorm is expected to land in March 2019, along with the third Tides of War chapter Trial By Fire and a new map set in Greece. Until then, Battlefield V fans will have to look elsewhere for their battle royale fix and Apex Legends is a pretty good choice.

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