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EA announces livestream and donations for Jacksonville, gets sued

Published: 18:32, 31 August 2018
EA Sports
A screenshot of Travis Kelce wearing his home uniform in Madden NFL 19.
Madden NFL 19

Electronic Arts have announced they would be hosting Jacksonville Tribute Fund on 06 September 2018 where they would also donate $1 million to victims and their families. Turns out one victim sued them before the event could happen.

To be perfectly frank, it sounded rather odd to see EA would be the donation and livestream event where they would also donate $1 million out of their own pocket. There was no media pressure on them following the Jacksonville tragedy so at first glance it looked like a genuinely decent deed from the company, that testified to them actually having sympathy for the victims and their families.

There was always that cynical voice in the back of my head stating it could just be a way for them to cover loose ends before someone sues them though, and it turns out this might be the case, as one of the people shot in Jacksonville Landing mall already sued the venue as well as EA and seven other parties for negligence and failure "to provide a safe and secure environment".

Jacob Mitich, who has been shot twice during the tragedy, is seeking damages from eight defendants, including Jacksonville Landing and EA. As Kotaku's Jason Schrier , the plaintiff's legal representative, James Young, stated that Mitich's trust as well as the trust of his friends and peers was misplaced since the shooter managed to waltz in with a firearm and no armed security was on site.

According to Young, they are bringing the lawsuit to "hold those responsible accountable and to ensure that gamers like Jake are able to get together to pursue their passion without having to fear for their lives". 

EA Madden NFL 19 screenshot showing Ezekiel Elliott in his home uniform. Madden NFL 19

I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's hard to pin the blame on EA in this case as they couldn't anticipate a shooting would occur during the qualifier event. Lack of security and metal detectors is definitely a flaw on Jacksonville Landing's security side of things. 

On the other hand, one could hardly blame Chicago Pizza, the parlor inside Jacksonville Landing where the qualifiers took place, for not having their own security there. Yet, the attorney deemed it necessary to sue them, along with seven other defendants.

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