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Dreadnought is now in open beta, brace for space-WoT

Published: 12:07, 17 May 2017
Updated: 08:00, 14 November 2018
Dreadnought - Size matters

Yager's Dreadnought beta has now flipped the sign on their door from closed to open. The closed beta phase lasted for a year and anyone interested in testing what is essentially World of Tanks in space can now have a go for zero money.

What got me interested in Dreadnought was a piece of very similar to the trailer above. I've been a sucker for massive spaceship battles ever since I've seen in action many years ago.

During the closed beta phase of Dreadnought, which is now totally open for anyone curious about the game, it became glaringly obvious that Yager's long awaited game is actually just World of Tanks in space. That is ok, a lof of people might like that.

Dreadnought - Artillery Bruiser Dreadnought - Artillery Bruiser

The game features a variety of space ships divided into five classes - dreadnoughts, destroyers, corvettes, tactical and artillery cruisers. You unlock ships along with weapons and equipment for them by crawling along tech trees, and individual ships and upgrades become available by spending various types of xp and currency. These ships are organised into different tiers and can engage in team based arena multiplayer battles. Sound familiar?

Yager World of Dreadnoughts World of Dreadnoughts

One of the things that separates Dreadnought from World of Tanks are its game modes. There were rumours that the game would allow for pure deathmatch play at some point and there were a few PvE/MOBA-like modes thrown into the mix as well, which are interesting in their own right. I'm not entirely certain if these modes are still in the game or weather the deathmatch thing ever made it in - my closed beta participation ended a long time ago, so things might have changed. Thankfully, checking it our for yourself is free.

Dreadnought - Capital Ships Exchange Pleasantries Dreadnought - Capital Ships Exchange Pleasantries

Battles were a lot more visually appealing than a standard WoT match, but tastes might differ.



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