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Dreadnought leaving hyperspace in early-to-mid 2017

Published: 13:53, 07 December 2016
Updated: 17:29, 09 January 2019
Dreadnought - Size matters

Dreadnought closed beta extends to PlayStation 4 - World of Warships by way of Rebel Galaxy. The game's announcement trailer is a phenomenal bit of promotional subversion. We will have to wait and see if the game itself can deliver.

A few more dents to hammer out on Dreadnoughts hull, and it should be ready for release. Announced back in 2014, latest sleek piece of electronic entertainment is nearing completion.

Beta testing for PC began in April this year, and an additional port to the PlayStation 4 was announced a few days back. It seems, no time is being wasted, as PlayStation 4 closed beta testing was launched on the same day the announcement came out.

Dreadnought - Ambush Dreadnought - Ambush

Dreadnought looks like a lot of fun. Arena style PvP with massive capital ships bashing at each other with everything from ballistics, over rockets to beams and and lasers; metal on metal carnage.

At this time, we are hoping for an early-to-mid 2017 launch date, for PC and the PlayStation 4 simultaneously, and can't wait to finally get our hands on the finished game. AltChar will try to catch up with the developers and provide you with more info as production enters its final stages.

Dreadnought - Capital Ships Exchange Pleasantries Dreadnought - Capital ships exchange pleasantries

Until that time, go sign up for the closed beta, or support the project by grabbing one of the Founder Packs, and receive guaranteed beta access.


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Capital ships - toe to toe

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