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Dragon Ball FighterZ has lost 80% of its PC player base

Published: 21:10, 13 February 2018
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Dragon Ball FighterZ logo
Dragon Ball FighterZ logo

Dragon Ball FighterZ is continuing the fighting games' playerbase bombing trend on PC, with a record breaking 80 per cent drop in less than a month since the game's release.

Previous biggest fighting game launch record holder was Tekken 7 but it took the game two full months to lose the same percentage of players. Dragon Ball FighterZ more than doubled Tekken's launch numbers but then lost 80 per cent in two weeks. 

Hailed as the biggest fighting game ever released on steam, it boasted over 44.000 concurrent players during peak hours when it launched, when Tekken 7 had ''only'' 18.700, but that number is down to just barely over 9.000 during the past weekend. 

Toei Animation Hairstylist's nightmare is angrily looking at the screen. Dragon Ball Z

The numbers are still falling in a rather steady fashion, but it may be credited to the work day related drop off. Regardless, such a steep drop looks gloomy for the game but EVO 2018 might prove to be light at the end of the tunnel. The world's biggest fighting game convention is still half a year away though, but the game's steadier console popularity and PR stunts such as the game's producer Tomoko Hiroki participating in the tournament during EVO may just keep it alive long enough.

Should it prove a success at the tournament, the game may return some of its playerbase but it still remains to be seen. Dragon Ball FighterZ was one of Bandai Namco's best selling titles during the quarter, raking in roughly £438.180,00.

Bandai Namco Dragon Ball FighterZ fight scene Dragon Ball FighterZ

Last week, ResetEra posted potential DLC characters after datamining the game, along with two new game modes. With DLC all but confirmed, it will be interesting to see how this drop will impact Bandai Namco's sales and future intentions for the game. Who knows, this might make them slash the DLC prices and players could benefit from the indirect game boycott. 

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