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Double Dragon & Kunio Kun bundle announced for PS4 & Switch

Published: 03:24, 06 February 2020
Arc System Works
Double Dragon & Kunio Kun Retro Brawler bundle promo image
Double Dragon & Kunio Kun Retro Brawler bundle

Kunio Kun and Dragon Ball games are some of the most iconic when it comes to NES titles but not all of them had official English translations. This stands to change when the Retro Brawler Bundle arrives on 20 February 2020.

Double Dragon games were localised for the western audience and many of us played the adventures of Billy and Jimmy Lee while understanding what is happening, without having to guess what those words in Japanese meant.

This was not the case with some of the Kunio Kun games where translations were hard to come by, such as Nekketsu Fighting Legend. You are most likely scratching your head right now, trying to figure out which games this might be. It's the one with 2v2 and free for all game modes but it was always in Japanese and the translation to English was wonky so you probably didn't know the real name and simply called it "Riki Kunio". 

Arc System Works will re-release it along with 17 other games in a bundle called Double Dragon & Kunio-Kun Retro Brawler Bundle. It's a mouthful but we'll give it a pass since it contains so many classics.

Full contents of the bundle are:

  1. Double Dragon
  2. Double Dragon II: The Revenge
  3. Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
  4. Renegade
  5. River City Ransom
  6. Crash 'n' the Boys Street Challenge
  7. Super Dodge Ball
  8. Downtown Nekketsu Story
  9. Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day!
  10. Downtown Special Kunio-Kun's Historical Period Drama!
  11. Go-Go! Nekketsu Hockey Club Slip and Slide Madness
  12. Kunio-Kun's Nekketsu Soccer League
  13. Nekketsu Fighting Legend
  14. Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club
  15. Nekketsu High School Dodgeball Club - Soccer Story
  16. Nekketsu Street Basketball All-Out Dunk Heroes
  17. Nekketsu Renegade Kunio-Kun
  18. Surprise! Nekketsu New Records! The Distant Gold Medal

Did you know Double Dragon was actually a spiritual successor to Kunio Kun games? Did you know Double Dragon was actually a spiritual successor to Kunio Kun games?

Only seven of these games have officially had English translations before so even if you are a Kunio Kun fan, you might be playing some of these titles for the first time. However, it will be only possible if you have a PS4 or Switch since there is currently no release date for Xbox One or PC.

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