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Double Dragon Neon is now on Nintendo Switch

Published: 00:03, 23 December 2020
Double Dragon
Double Dragon

WayForward announced the Double Dragon Neon is now available on Nintendo Switch and the legendary series' co-op is very much a feature for the handheld console.

Double Dragon Neon debuted in 2012 on consoles and in 2014 on PC but the game's art style makes it timeless eye candy, true to the Neon part of the game.

That said, the Double Dragon part is also living up to the series' fame as Lee brothers are back once again, with the classic story beginning that has no equal when it comes to pinnacle story writing - Marian gets kidnapped and you go fight a bunch of martial artists, mutants and many other things.

While you won't be spending much time admiring the lack of actual story, it's probably for the best the devs remained true to the nostalgic beginnings of earlier Double Dragon entries.

As for the Switch version, the game will support local co-op so one purchase should provide fun for both you and a friend, family member or a significant other. 

Download size is just 1.9GB which is not much by today's standards but that's not for no reason. Double Dragon Neon is a relatively short experience but that doesn't mean it's not worth the price of admission. If you take a look at the user reviews on Steam, where purchasing the game is a must before posting impressions, you will see it features positive reviews for the most part.

Even the negative ones started coming in only recently but not due to people not liking Double Dragon Neon. Namely, the game is unable to run on Windows 10 these days, for reasons that are unknown to pretty much everyone so far. 

With that in mind, it's safe to purchase the game on Switch since its operating system does not get updated nearly as often as Win10 and those updates don't prevent perfectly fine software and hardware from functioning later on.

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