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Double Dragon IV Coming to PS4 and PC

Published: 15:38, 27 December 2016
Updated: 15:47, 09 February 2017
Double Dragon IV

The renowned NES classic will be making its way to the PS4 and PC in early 2017

Double Dragon IV was officially announced by Arc System Works today. The game will be released in January, 2017 and it's coming both to PS4 and PC. 

Apart from the official announcement, a teaser trailer was also released today - providing us with a few short glimpses of the game. The trailer is only around 2 minutes long, but it's enough to see that the producers of the reboot decided to stick to the original formula, both gameplay and looks-wise. Aside from the original story mode, the new game will feature a few extra modes, such as a two player duel mode and a mysterious "???" mode.

Double Dragon IV - Game Modes Double Dragon IV - Game Modes

No physical copy of the game was announced, much to the dismay of collectors. The downloadable version will be priced at around £5, according to

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