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DOOM players can now generate maps using vacuum cleaners

Published: 14:08, 26 December 2018
Picture of the DOOM guy with a roomba for a head

Fans of the classic DOOM series may find a way to refresh their desire to replay the game for the millionth time. A programmer named Rich Whitehouse has developed a script to let your newer roombas generate randomised maps for DOOM.

No, this is not an out of season April's Fools joke - there really is a script that lets vacuum cleaners generate maps for DOOM. Rich Whitehouse developed the script and named it DOOMBA. Now we can see ourselves out for relaying that pun.

Anyway, according to Whitehouse, he discovered that the newer roombas have better simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) which piqued his interest. He eventually figured out that there are ways to track the Roomba 980 in order to make an unholy mash-up of data which would eventually generate a .neoroomba file.

is what makes this tracking and conversion possible, and you will need to download it if you want to get into actually creative procedural map generation. Since Whitehouse is the developer of Noesis, as well as DOOMBA, he has offered a wall of text that to exactly convert your room into Doom Guy's playground.

The best part is that the script is easy to extend into different tiers, which should make DOOMBA available for any DOOM based games. Naturally, fiddling with unholy scripts can prove disastrous, so some of the more volatile options have been hidden behind an "Advanced" button, so use these at your own risk.

Whitehouse has offered an explanation on more features and how to convert images to DOOM maps in fairly creative ways, so it should prove to be quite an interesting way to get maps out of images. 

Bethesda Doom slayer defending from hellish forces DOOM REMAKE

Oddly enough this seems like a more creative way to generate maps than many developers could come up with in recent years. Then again, Whitehouse isn't generating any revenue from DOOMBA, so an idea like this would probably never get approved by corporate shotcallers.

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