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Division 2's Eagle Bearer getting nerfed

Published: 13:20, 17 September 2019
Massive Entertainment
The Division 2 - Eagle Bearer
The Division 2 - Eagle Bearer

The Division 2 hardcore players are getting kicked in the shins as the weapon they farmed Dark Hours for is getting a 15 per cent damage reduction, bringing it more in line with some High-End Assault Rifles.

Massive Entertainment have announced that the rarest exotic in The Division 2, obtainable only through the Dark Hours raid, will get nerfed in Title Update 6. The nerf is a simple but possibly a heavy one - Eagle Bearer's damage will be cut by 15 per cent.

Following the public outcry about the raid's difficulty, the developers introduced a story mode and now its biggest prize is getting nerfed so the chances of Dark Hours getting deserted have increased.

Casual players will give the story mode a go a few times and then switch to other, more productive ways of grinding gear while the hardcore players who wanted Eagle Bearer will not find much of a reward now.

With , Eagle Bearer's output will still be superior to all other weapons in the Assault Rifle class but it will not be as dominant as before. While it still has the best base stats, a Custom P416 can now outperform it with the right talents.

As you may have expected, players who dedicated time to farming the weapon in the most challenging content Division 2 had to offer are now thoroughly disappointed and see no reason to keep farming it.

The main attraction of Eagle Bearer will now remain the Tenacity talent that will keep dominating PvP as it is invaluable for damage reduction and allows players to take on squads of rogue agents.


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As for PvE usage, a Custom P416 with Alegro will have 10 per cent better rate of fire with only 2 per cent lower damage. It doesn't take a math genius to figure out which one is superior, despite not needing to run Dark Hours dozens of times before getting it.

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