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Did Apex Legends just tease a new map for Season 6?

Published: 20:38, 14 July 2020
Revenant takes aim in Apex Legends.
You. Are. TERMINATED. ... Wrong franchise.

For starters, we'll try to steer clear of any quest spoilers here so Apex Legends fans who are yet to finish the last Quest need not overly worry, unless they're keen on experiencing every word on their own.

Trust us - you won't be lacking in cryptic sentences by the time you've finished, so there's plenty of fun to be had untangling those alone. Nevertheless, we'll keep our no-spoiler promise, not least because of the exquisite work done by the entire team at Respawn.

We'll be focusing on a single word you'll be hearing once you're done with Apex Legends' last quest, and that is Olympus. Olympus as in - city on Psamathe, possibly a flying one, and Lifeline's homeworld. 

Respawn really spun an intricate yarn here, as they left breadcrumbs all over. For instance, Olympus can be seen on the Legacy of a Thief trailer, the one that filled in the part from Loba witnessing the murder of her parents, to her cracking of heads across the Apex Arena. 

If you pause at around 0:40, you can see more of Olympus, and thanks to the efforts by FrozenFroh, one of the first Apex Legends data miners and puzzle-crackers, we can point to all the mentions of Olympus. 

Back when Revenant joined Apex Legends' roster, the exchange between the Syndicate's Jacob Young and Hammond Robotics' Cheryl Amacci had the former saying, "You got what you wanted. Let's drop it. Besides, I have another bone to pick with you. I want to talk about Psamathe. More specifically, Ol". 

Revenant's HUD display when scanning Loba in Season 5: Fortune's Favor trailer says "last seen on Olympus", so it's clear the Apex Legends team has been sneakily pointing us in the right direction all along.

We expect more specifics soon, but this should be enough to spark your imagination by then. 

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