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DICE and EA roll out final Battlefield V launch trailer

Published: 18:28, 09 November 2018
A soldier looking at a plane in Battlefield V
Battlefield V

With 11 more days left until Battlefield V launches, DICE and EA rolled out an explosive trailer that puts you in the thick of some hectic WWII action, with more explosions in a minute and a half than you can shake your boom-stick at.

Groovy symphonic stabs and quick, explosive cinematic cuts - now this is more like something that belongs in the Battlefield stable. If you've been following Battlefield V's development in the slightest, you're basically retold the entire story, with some explosions in between of course.

As you'd expect, the trailer is mostly about relentless action but it still cops a few War Story teases in between. Nordlys, the one about a female Norwegian fighter resisting German occupation her country; Under No Flag, the one about "an unlikely" Englishman behind enemy lines in North Africa and Tirailleur, story of Senegalese soldiers in the French Troupes Coloniales who fight for another's country.

Battlefield V's launch trailer also teases a dramatic moment or two from the last War Story that will launch in 2018 dubbed The Last Tiger. That's the one about a disillusioned Tiger I tank crew and while the aforementioned stories will be available at launch, Battlefield V fans will have to wait until December for the German tale.

There are also ample glances at Battlefield V's maps, which span eight historical locations in North Africa, Netherlands, Norway and France. DICE revealed the maps to be Hamada, Aerodrome, Twisted Steel, Arras, Rotterdam, Devastation, Narvik and Fjell 652.

The trailer really hits the spot and many fans are asking why DICE and EA didn't lead with a trailer like this. Ironically enough, the fans asked for the same in one of the earlier trailers and one cannot help but wonder whether the entire hoopla could've been evaded by a mere rearranging of trailers. Oh well, too late now. 

EA Oscar Mike helmet, DICE's gift to Battlefield V players Battlefield V, Oscar Mike helmet

DICE recently unveiled the final list of and other gear and we're looking at a total of 30 primary weapons, 7 sidearms, 9 melee weapons and 24 vehicles. If however, you're hoping to have a go at Firestorm, Battlefield V's battle royale mode, you'll have to wait until

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