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DICE reveal two new infantry-based Battlefield V maps

Published: 12:07, 03 September 2019
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DICE have recently revealed two new maps, Provence and Lofoten Islands just after Oskar Gabrielson apologised to fans for Battlefield V's shortcomings, which included the lack of new maps. There are still two maps that should come after.

Battlefield V had a really troubled launch due to controversies over social politics but the focus that should have been on the game itself appears to have flown under DICE's radar. Oskar Gabrielson's recent for the state of the game didn't do much to improve the current mood fo the BFV player base but it did mention four new maps that are in the pipeline.

Two of them will be Pacific-based maps and two will be infantry maps. The official website has now revealed the infantry maps that are about to drop. 

Provence is the first map with the quick descriptors stating it's small, infantry only map with fast and chaotic action. Considering the initial approach of focusing on attrition and realistic gunplay, it's unclear whether "fast and chaotic" will be a good addition to the mix.

Since the map is condensed, full of tight spaces, SMGs and shotguns are the obvious weapons of choice but the description continues on to explain that LMGs and sniper rifles are also useful because there are a few longer sightlines that will give them an advantage.

Lofoten Islands map description is nearly the same. It's a small map where only the infantry will square off and the combat is fast-paced. Unlike Provence, it's missing the "chaotic" descriptor, hinting there will be a bit more cohesion and possibly even tactics employed, as opposed to just constantly shooting the opposing team that seems to be coming out of the woodwork.

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Furthermore, Lofoten Islands will be practical for mid-range weaponry as well, so it's not just about the extremes like Provence. Snipers are advised to constantly change their position since there are enough long sightlines to go around but cover and concealment are not in abundance.

You can check out the full descriptions and top-down view for on the official website.

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