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Diablo Immortal is even more predatory than previously believed

Published: 02:48, 27 June 2022
Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal players recently discovered yet another hidden mechanic designed to syphon real-life money, making the game even more expensive than it was previously believed.

Blizzard might as well change Diablo Immortal 's name to Pequod because this ship is on one hell of a whaling journey. The previously believed sum of around $100,000 to max out a character turned out to be only a fraction of what's needed.

The new report found out the required amount of money is closer to $540,000 because there was a hidden whaling mechanic behind the first massive paywall. That $100K we mentioned earlier would get the average whale a total of six five-star gems that could be slotted. 

However upon acquiring these gems, one would find out they could "awaken" opening the door to a whole lot of currency and gem-levelling nonsense but the bottom line is that you would actually need 36 of the five-star gems to "max out" the character. They make up the bulk of the $540,000 cited above but there are a few additional costs that could normally buy you multiple AAA titles but actually look minuscule in the grand scheme of things.

In any case, Diablo Immortal hid the gargantuan paywall behind the massive paywall, making sure whales already invest a lot of money before they figure out it's not enough, triggering the sunk cost fallacy.

Blizzard Picture of the Barbarian from the Diablo Immortal trailer Diablo Immortal


Oh and none of this can be shared between characters so you better spit out a few million dollars if you hope to max out multiple characters. That is, unless another layer of whaling gets discovered in the meantime.

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