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Blizzard tweet confirms rumour for Diablo III Switch port?

Published: 15:09, 02 March 2018
Updated: 15:32, 02 March 2018
Scary looking undead creature holding a sickle in each hand
Diablo III

Okay, Blizzard is so good at assembling and operating hype trains that we're unsure what to think after the company's latest Diablo III flavoured tweet It shows a hand switching off a Diablo III head-lamp.

To be fair, rumours of Blizzard going for a piece of Nintendo pie have been around for a while, even before the company's Hearthstone for Nintendo tease. As a result though, everyone suspected Hearthstone would be the first one to invade Mario's turf, not Diablo.

Well, we're still an official confirmation short, but all signs seem to be pointing at Diablo III for the Switch. Of course, you can argue that we shouldn't draw definitive conclusions based on a lamp with a switch, but c'mon, Blizzard couldn't be that mean, could they?

picked up the rumour from what they call a credible source, claiming that Blizzard will be tapping into the power of multiple Switches to ensure a smooth and fun co-op experience in stopping the little devil. Two magic words already - Diablo and co-op.

Indeed, the concept of playing Diablo III with a few Switch buddies sounds mouthwatering and makes business sense as well. With Nintendo aiming for every person in the world to own a Switch, doubly so. Blizzard's shrewd business making on the other hand is enough to make Diablo cower in fear.

Diablo III - 640 x 480 times! Diablo III - 640 x 480 times!

Since we are obviously cornered into waiting and speculating, we'll say that if it was up to us, we would much rather see Diablo III on the Switch than Hearthstone, but we suspect both will arrive on the console eventually. With Blizzard having sold their gaming sold to the god of cold business a long time ago, how could we not?

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