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Blizzard's job listings mention unannounced Diablo in the works

Published: 19:52, 05 June 2018
Cover photo for Blizzard's game Diablo III
Diablo III

Blizzard have posted an interesting job opening, where they offer a position in development of a yet to be announced Diablo project. Naturally, rumours have been started for much less than that and Diablo is back among the headlines again.

The listing is looking for a dungeon artist for a "new unannounced Diablo project." It starts off saying that the minions of Hell are growing stronger, so we guess things are looking up in Blizzard.

The person in question would be required to concept, model and texture various assets in "the dark gothic world of Diablo". Further information suggests there will be no stepping away from the traditional Diablo formula, so we're talking dungeons, loot and the devil himself - Jeff Kaplan. Just kidding, we actually like good ol' Jeff.

Blizzard ain't exactly hiring blind either, with their requirements clearly indicating a seasoned professional in the field. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to extrapolate the fact that this is no mere "Diablo project", which is as ambiguous as it gets. This is the Diablo.

Of course, all that leaves us with is a question, Diablo who? Or more precisely, Diablo on what? Diablo III's latest iterations were PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and they'll soon be four years old, meaning it's unlikely Blizzard are planning major shakeups there.

The likelihood of Diablo's arrival on the Switch keeps growing by the minute, reminding us once again of Blizzard's tease with the , which they operated via a switch. Blizzard quickly said they've no plans to announce anything but we've later heard that the Switch port is not just a rumour - it's .

Diablo III - 640 x 480 times! Diablo III - 640 x 480 times!

This is not the first Blizzard's job listing of the kind in 2018, with the latest call for developers on a Diablo related project happening somewhere around Valentine's day. At the time, Blizzard was looking for senior and junior . With the game of rumour cat and hearsay mouse going on around Diablo for a while now, we just hope we get an official announcement soon.

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