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Deus Ex franchise and Reigns on Sale with Steam

Published: 18:51, 04 February 2017
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Now available on Steam: an indie medieval simulation at a 50 percent discount, and a first person shooter RPG franchise up to 75 percent off

Reigns was published by Devolver Digital, the folks who brought us Enter the Gungeon. An indie medeival strategy which lets the player decide the fate of the kingdom by choosing between different cards. The choice is made in a very Tinder-esque manner, by swiping right or left on the cards. Every decision can upset the balance of the four pillars of the society: the people, the wealth, the military and the church. Reigns is now at a 50 percent discount on . The offer ends on Sunday.

The next item up for grabs is the Deus Ex franchise. An entire collection spanning five Deus Ex titles is available at a discount of 73 percent. features Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, Invisible War, The Fall, a director's cut of Human Revolution and Mankind Divided along with its DLC. Each game from the collection can be bought separately at discounts ranging from 70 to 75 percent off. ends on Monday, 06 February.

Reigns Reigns

Deus Ex: Breach Deus Ex: Breach

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