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Destiny weekly reset: get your Doubles grimoire

Published: 10:10, 20 December 2016
Updated: 14:32, 09 February 2017
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Grimoire collectors rejoice! The rare Doubles crucible mode is back

Destiny reset for the week has brought an early bit of festive joy for Grimoire collectors and Crucible heads, with the irregular game mode Doubles on the list for the week.

The 2v2 PvP mode is a bugbear for those looking to complete their card collections as it appears so rarely, so lap it up while you can.

Nightfall for the week is a burnless Sepiks Perfected, with Primary weapons and Airborne as damage boosters to favour us, and Epic, Match Game, and Berserk to favour enemies.

The Raid Challenge mode is Aksis, while Heroic Strikes feature Void burn and Brawler to make it fun for Voidwalkers, Nightstalkers, and Defenders.

Mayhem Clash in Crucible rounds out the regular update, coinciding nicely with a Shaxx Clash bounty for the week.


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