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Destiny mobile might be in development

Published: 00:22, 21 September 2021
Destiny 2 - Cayde doing his thing
Destiny 2 - Cayde doing his thing

Rumours of a mobile version of Destiny started when Bungie found a chunky investment but now it might have the first, all but official confirmation.

Job listings often tell stories themselves in the gaming industry and it's no different with the latest postings from Bungie. They are looking for a group of people in various positions right now and when you put them together they make a tlae that hints at Destiny mobile.

To start from the beginning, the developer studio is looking for an Art Director who will have to work both with the "internal team and external partners" on at least one AAA title or a large mobile title. Furthermore, this individual would need to go to China on more than one occasion and host visits from partner teams. As a reminder, Bungie signed a deal with NetEase back in 2018.

Two other positions are referencing Destiny IP and the mobile games market directly, including an  Executive Producer and Test Leader . Given the $100 million investment Bungie received from the aforementioned partnership, now it looks like all the cards are on the table and a mobile iteration of Destiny is coming in the near future.

Since the partnership was signed three years ago, one would have to assume the mobile game development has started a while ago so it's possible we will see something through official sources soon.

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