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Destiny 2's latest update finally reintroduces Destiny's bounties

Published: 12:31, 18 July 2018
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Destiny 2

It appears like Bungie are actually making steady strides towards making Destiny 2 worthy of being mentioned in the same breath as its predecessor Destiny, as the game's 1.2.3 update brings back bounties along with a bunch of other changes.

Note that this is the last patch before Destiny 2's upcoming expansion Forsaken lands. However, it does seem to pack quite a bit of content, which should keep players sufficiently entertained until Forsaken launches on 04 September 2018.

Anyway, first up on the menu are bounties, which will be rotated daily and can expire if you don't finish them on time. At the moment, Shaxx offers five Crucible bounties while Zavala has five Vanguard ones. Moments of Triumph will be adding their own bounties as well, once the Solstice of Heroes event goes live on 31 July 2018.

Bungie have added new Destiny 2 exotic catalysts via prestige raid lairs, with Legend of Acrius, Telesto and Sleeper Simulant dropping as rewards for prestige versions of Leviathan, Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stairs, in that order.

Heroic strikes have a slightly higher chance of dropping exotic catalysts as well. Leviathan raid now has increased chances to drop Skyburner's Oath while the Sturm catalyst can be acquired by defeating the baddies on Nessus.

Destiny 2's second exotic armour pass will be buffing nine armours in total. Hunters are looking at buffs of Lucky Raspberry, St0mp-EE5 and Young Ahamkara's Spine; Titans will get ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Doom Fang Pauldrons and Dunemarchers buffs, while Warlocks will get buffs to Crown of Tempests, Karnstein Armlets and Starfire Protocol. 

As far as Crucible goes, quickplay is now a 6v6 affair and Destiny 2 is getting rid of Supremacy, which we're sure nobody will shed tears over. Valor can now be earned in Iron Banner, Competitive and Crucible Labs and matchmaking will use Glory, instead of MMR.

All in all, it seems Destiny 2, or should we say Destiny 1 fans, have got a lot to look forward to with Bungie's latest changes. Could it be that the company's employment of experienced players and dedicated community members ?

You can find Destiny 2's 1.2.3 patch notes .

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