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June's Humble Monthly subscription offers Destiny 2 for $12

Published: 09:45, 06 May 2018
Updated: 09:48, 06 May 2018
Some blue baldie is taking cover behind a wall in Destiny 2
Destiny 2

The PC master race will have an opportunity to snatch a member of the laughing stock race for $12 on Humble Monthly for the next 27 days. It's called Destiny 2, and it's a troubled looter shooter that Bungie are trying to revitalise.

If there are some PC players who wanted to try Destiny 2 out, but were put off by Bungie's malicious practices, they may have their prime opportunity now. Destiny 2 is widely described as a game with beautiful visuals and satisfying gunplay so clocking in a few dozen hours of gameplay at the price of $12 may not be a bad deal.

The game is also less punishing and most malpractices were removed since the mass controversy in late 2017, so it may even prove to be a more enjoyable experience. On the flip side, Bungie might relapse to the old ways that made the game the laughing stock I previously mentioned, and all of the fixing Destiny 2 underwent in the past may just prove to be a tool to gather more sales for the upcoming expansion Warmind.

This wouldn't be the first case in recent history of such temporary fixes happening in order to promote new content that may be coming soon. Ubisoft pulled a similar stunt in December 2017 when they introduced update 1.8 to The Division, which pretty much turned the game from a hated unfinished product to an enjoyable experience with positive feedback for the last five months. The Division 2 was announced soon after.

History lessons may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I felt it was necessary to warn potential new Destiny 2 players if they get an itchy finger on the "purchase" button for Warmind, which is coming out on 8 May 2018. The month-long price standing at $12 also seems reminiscent of Ubisoft's starter editions for Rainbow Six Siege and For Honor.

Bungie A giant cube that is apparently a super intelligent AI can be seen in some weird futuristic setting. Destiny 2 - Warmind

If Bungie are indeed taking pages out of Ubisoft's playbook, let's hope they don't skip the pages of as the time goes on.


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