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Destiny 2 Guardian Games start date, rules and other details

Published: 14:38, 29 April 2022
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games Titan
Destiny 2 - Guardian Games Titan

Bungie revealed all the necessary details for the upcoming Guardian Games in Destiny 2, which will be significantly different from the previous iterations. 

Guardian Games 2022 start date and length

Guardian Games will start on May 3 this year and will last for four weeks, until the weekly reset on May 24.

While this is basically the super-powered Olympics of Destiny 2, it is pretty bad as a competition event between the classes. Titans won the first year after Bungie nerfed Hunters' participation too heavily and then the Hunters won the next year because there were just so many of them jumping all over the place.

This year's Games are going to be spiced up and attempt to lean into skill and effort while giving less emphasis on the sheer number of Guardians in any given class.

New Guardian Games rules

Just like before, we will be depositing medals in order to progress each class' banner height. However, the better medals will be reserved for activities that require more skill and effort, such as Trials, Survival, PsiOps Battlegrounds at higher difficulty, raids, dungeons and possibly higher difficulty Nightfalls.

Bungie Destiny 2 - Guardian Games Warlock Destiny 2 - Guardian Games Warlock

Meanwhile, Gambit, Strikes, Quickplay Crucible and other Throne World activities will yield medals that are lower in importance. 

On top of that, this year will feature Strike Medals. These will be earned through objectives that sound like a little more specific bounties and the example Bungie used in the latest TWAB was killing a bunch of enemies with Shatter.

Furthermore, Training and Competitive Guardian Games playlists will be introduced. They will provide more progress if you play them on correct days.

Training playlist will be the place to go on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Meanwhile, Competitive playlist will dish out better progression on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

An easy way to track it is with Xur's presence or that of the Trials. If they are around, then go Competitive. Otherwise, go for Training. Being in these playlists can also provide buffs for the regular Vanguard Ops.

New and returning weaponry

There is a brand new Legendary SMG to hunt throughout the games and then there is the return of Heir Apparent Exotic LMG alongside its Catalyst. All of this will be generally available through Guardian Games activities and challenges.

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