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Destiny 2's Forsaken expansion brings a pile of new exotics

Published: 08:44, 27 July 2018
A preview of a new weapon in Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion
Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion

Bungie have released a new trailer for Destiny 2 Forsaken, showing numerous new exotic weapons and armour pieces, along with the special abilities each of them grant. Some of these exotics were shown earlier, but most are completely new.

Naturally, Forsaken will continue Bungie's greedy practices as Forsaken will players to have both Warmind and Curse of Osiris, but to their credit, this expansion will actually provide exciting content in the form of these new exotic items.

There are ten exotics in total, each of them bringing a unique ability for players to enjoy, or be destroyed with. Two-Tailed Fox is one of the first weapons that were announced, and it's a rocket launcher capable of firing two rockets before reloading.

Antaeus Wards is an armour piece that will add a reflective shield to players when they slide, which is pretty much a hard counter to Two-Tailed Fox.

Trinity Ghoul will bring forth an electric storm when a player performs a precision kill with it, while Chromatic Fire is an armour piece that serves similar purpose, since it will cause elemental explosions when players perform kinetic precision kills.

The Sixth Coyote armour will suit melee enthusiasts perfectly since it allows them to perform a double dodge. Black Talon is an alternative to this, as the weapon is a sword with ranged capabilities.

Malfeasance is a revolver that will put emphasis on concentrated fire, as five consecutive hits will cause an explosion. If precise consecutive shots aren't your thing, One Thousand Voices will have you covered, as it's literally a laser that can cause explosive eruption, and will also let you unleash your inner Bob Ross as you paint with it on the ground.

Bungie Cayed-6 facing off new enemies Destiny 2: Forsaken

Wish Ender is a bow that will give players a wall hack when aiming down sights and will pierce the first target hit. Line them up and knock them down. Ace of Spades is another revolver, but it doesn't rely on precision as the first one. Reloading is encouraged as it will give players a damage boost after doing so. 

All of the weapons can be seen in action in the trailer embedded above.

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