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Destiny 2 player ban from Gambit hints at a dwindling player base

Published: 22:55, 30 November 2018
Updated: 23:14, 30 November 2018
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Bungie now have a somewhat odd issue with Destiny 2 as a player reported they were banned from Gambit due to leaving the matchmaking queue. Reasons for leaving can be numerous, but it was never a bannable offence in any game, including D2.

When people find adequate help from FAQs and help desks, they usually turn to Reddit to raise dust. Unfortunately, in this case, it didn't work for a Redditor named Nuffy76. After leaving Gambit matchmaking queue three times due to long waits, he was banned. Thankfully, the ban from Gambit matchmaking wasn't permanent, but rather a timeout.

He further whether the ban would happen with Crucible matchmaking, left the queue four times and got temporarily banned from entering the queue there too. While other games, such as League of Legends, have similar systems, they actually have a proper reason for timing players out.

For example, if you queue up for any mode in League of Legends, you can cancel the queue at any time, as many times as you like and not be banned, except for when a match has been found. When it's found, each of the ten players will be prompted to accept or decline it. If you decline it several times without accepting one match, you will get a temporary ban.

Meanwhile, according to Nuffy76, he got banned for leaving the queue that is similar to the first phase of League of Legends matchmaking - while the system is still looking for other players, before it actually found enough for a match. Cozmo23, Bungie's community manager stated that this is an odd occurrence that looks like a bug and they will be looking into the issue.

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The interesting part about the whole issue is that Nuffy76 that they left the queue due to it being stuck without being able to find not only enough, but rather any players. This long queue time, coupled with Bungie's recent attempts to sell the full Destiny 2 game for about $30 along with all expansions and the next Annual Pass costing $35, which is way less than they used to sell expansions for, may hint at the game having trouble with concurrent player count.


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