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Deliver Us Mars story is all about saving Earth, but on Red Planet

Published: 23:51, 13 July 2022
Deliver Us Mars
Deliver Us Mars

KeokeN provided a glimpse into the setting of Deliver Us Mars, letting the fans know what to expect from the story once the game launches while also seeding the hype ahead of release.

Deliver Us Mars will have the players in the shoes of Kathy Johanson, a young astronaut with a seemingly significant connection to the Red Planet. According to the devs, Kathy's father, Isaac, abruptly abandoned her in the past and took ARKs with him.

In order to understand the weight of these actions, we need to rewind a bit. In the game's universe, humanity has ruined Earth with pollution and climate change, which is why they are looking for a way off the once lush and beautiful planet. To that end, they created the ARKs, massive ships that are meant to give humanity a chance to colonise other planets and thus evade extinction.

Since Isaac stole what is seen as humanity's last chance, he has been declared a criminal, which obviously left Kathy in a rough spot. Around the time Deliver Us Mars kicks off, a mysterious transmission originating from Mars gets into Kathy's path and she becomes convinced Isaac could be alive. Therefore, the young astronaut goes to find him and provide humanity an opportunity to escape the dying Earth.

Overall, Deliver Us Mars may be a story about saving Earth but it's not above some good old fashioned drama to spice things up as we navigate the barren planet.

Kathy is voiced by Ellise Chappell, who is also lending the character her looks while Neil Newbon plays her father, Isaac.

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