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Deiland to be removed from Steam due to remastering

Published: 22:58, 09 August 2021

Chibig and 101XP pulled an unorthodox move by announcing that Deiland will be removed from Steam for the weirdest reason - remastering the game.

Deiland 's art style is such that it potentially makes the game's looks timeless but it appears that the developers and publishers didn't share this sentiment since they are going to remaster the game.

Even though it seems redundant, it wouldn't draw too much attention if it hadn't been for the odd move they decided to pull at the same time - removing the game from Steam .

According to the announcement, they did this "due to the planned remastering of the game" but it's hard to figure out why such a move would be necessary, at least before the remaster comes around. 

With this approach, the game will not be purchasable or playable by potentially new players until the remaster is released, hinting that the team might be looking to get more purchases for the remaster in the future.

This changes nothing for the existing owners of the title. They will be able to simply download and play Deiland on Steam and it will be business as usual and it remains to be seen if they will get the remaster with no extra charge once it launches.

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