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Dead Cells roadmap promises exciting 2023

Published: 02:13, 19 July 2022
Motion Twin
Player has just obliterated an enemy in Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Motion Twin released a roadmap for Dead Cells, revealing what's in store for 2022 while cryptically claiming that the next year will be even better.

Dead Cells fans may be saddened that their game is approaching the end of its lifespan but according to the devs that particular event is not in the plans for the near future.

They noted that The Queen and the Sea DLC is not the end of Dead Cells' lifetime and released a roadmap to prove their claims. First off, there is the update players are already aware of and are expecting - panchaku weapon is coming and the flame head outfit is just around the corner. 

Both of them will release during Summer 2022 along with weapon and item rebalance. On top of that, legendaries system will get an overhaul to make it more intuitive and interesting and more.

During Autumn 2022, Motion Twin is aiming to add a Boss Rush area where the players can fight all the bosses they encountered, one after another, in order to win some unlockables. The mode might end up having a scoreboard so the players can compete with their peers.

Motion Twin kept the Christmas update secret for the time being but it's unclear whether this is because it's too early into development or they don't want to spoil the surprise.

Motion Twin Picture of the Dead Cells protagonist with an ominous presence nearby Dead Cells

The devs saved the best for last as they announced that 2023 will be the year they step up and deliver something that was cooking behind the scenes, which will make the next year the biggest one since the 1.0 launch apparently.

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