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Motion Twin are porting Dead Cells to iOS and Android apparently

Published: 21:45, 07 May 2019
Motion Twin
Dead Cells promotional image shows the protagonist looking at the colourful horizon
Dead Cells

Motion Twin have announced they will be porting Dead Cells to mobile devices, starting in Summer 2019. The announcement gave rise to a few questions regarding the control scheme on mobile devices as the game is fairly challenging already.

Dead Cells has become a hit even in its Early Access days on Steam which caused the developers, Motion Twin, to provide a steady stream of post-launch content for the game on PC. The popularity warranted console ports later on, which spawned PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions.

It appears that the demand for Dead Cells remained high as Motion Twin decided to port the game to mobile devices as well. They have recently announced an iOS version that will be coming during Summer 2019 but Android users will have to wait a bit since the release for that platform was not announced yet.

Considering that Dead Cells proved to be a fairly challenging game on platforms with controllers, keyboards and mice, it is only natural to wonder how the mobile players will fare with their touch screens.

Twin Motion made some adjustments to this version of the game, with two different game modes - one that will behave like the original and the other one with auto hit option enabled. Button position and size will be customisable and players will be able to swipe their screen in order to dodge.

Furthermore, those who don't like obstructing valuable screen space with their fingers will be able to use controllers made for iOS and Android devices as the support will be available for them.

Motion Twin Player has just obliterated an enemy in Dead Cells Dead Cells

What is likely most important for anyone who wants to enjoy Dead Cells on their smartphone is that the game and will not contain ads or free to play mechanics, meaning there will not be pay to win in-app purchases or similar things that would remove time gates.

Dead Cells will cost $9.99 / €9.99 on iOS and presumably the same on Android once that version comes around.

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