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Dead Cells now has mod support and is available on Mac and Linux

Published: 10:11, 27 June 2018
Motion Twin
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Dead Cells

Motion Twin have released an update for their flagship game Dead Cells, bring support for Mac, Linux and mods along with it. They have also announced that the game's price will go up after the Steam Summer Sale and before the game's launch.

Dead Cells is nearing its official release and departure from Steam Early Access, which should happen at some point in August 2018. Motion Twin have noted that the game's price will go up by $5 after the Steam Summer Sale, so anyone who wishes to play the game in the future might be better off buying it now for $11,99 / £10.19 instead of $24,99 / ~£20,99 after 05 July 2018.

Players will now also be able to mod the game, regardless of which operating system they play on, but it's worth nothing that the developers mentioned that mod support is "experimental" at the moment.

Motion Twin have noted that players will be able to tweak some gameplay and cosmetic components of the game but it will be somewhat limited. This is due to the fact that mod support is in some sort of alpha stage at the moment, or as the developers put it, "basic, limited, partial mod support".

That said, they seem to have no intention of leaving the job half done as the post on Steam clearly states that the mod support is in "alpha" stage. Based on the scale of updates Motion Twin delivered before this one as well as their continued attention to the fans' wishes, it would be unfair to consider them promise breakers.

For example, the dreaded "Baguette update" brought a new font that was reviled in Dead Cells community and this update is adding an option to disable it. Players will once again be able to feast their eyes on the glorious 4k, err, pixel art font they came to love. The option will be present in the Video section of the Options menu. 

You can find more information as well as the official statement on Dead Cells' Steam Community Hub.

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