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Dead Cells' Rise of the Giant free DLC will expand the endgame

Published: 11:03, 22 February 2019
Updated: 18:37, 12 March 2019
Motion Twin
Picture of the Dead Cells protagonist with an ominous presence nearby
Dead Cells

MotionTwin have posted a notice telling players how to opt in to the Alpha build for the upcoming Dead Cells DLC, Rise of the Giant. This came as a necessity due to the need for more people to test out the bugs and balance of the game.

Dead Cells is bracing for a major update as MotionTwin will provide players with a system that will allow them to switch between over 50 outfits, add 10 new enemy types, three new skills, 10 new weapons, a specialist shop, more levels and a new gem.

All of these additions are aimed at giving some more depth to the endgame. Cavern level is probably the most significant addition, but it will only appear after beating the game for the first time. To add more flavour, MotionTwin added some of the 10 new enemy types in every mode, but most of them will only appear in Hard, Very Hard, Expert and Nightmare Modes for the ultimate challenge.

The size of this update is anything but small and as such requires quite a few testers before it is implemented unless you don't mind Rise of the Giant releasing at some point after Star Citizen. Therefore, MotionTwin sort of a call to arms, or call to testing, if you will.

Players can already try out the new features through Alpha testing, but they will need to opt in for them on Steam. To do so, a player needs to go to their Steam Library, find Dead Cells, right-click the game, choose Properties, go to the Betas tab and check the first dropdown box. They will need to select "Alpha - Not for the faint hearted", close the window and wait for the download to complete.,

Motion Twin Dead Cells promotional image shows the protagonist looking at the colourful horizon Dead Cells

MotionTwin also warned potential testers that saves will be wiped each time they update the game's version. On the other hand, the regular saves will be safe, so the progress from the live build will not be lost. Just in case someone is still worried about their saves, a manual back-up is advised.

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