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Rust is leaving Early Access with a 75 percent price increase

Published: 10:24, 23 January 2018
Facepunch Studios
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Facepunch Studios' RPG - Rust is leaving Early Access. The developer will continue to update and improve the game with the help of a test server. After it launches, Rust will cost 75 percent more than it does now.

Rust, the RPG that encourages cannibalism, is leaving Steam's Early Access. The game has been in Early Access since December 2013, and it will finally graduate on 08 February 2018. The studio has no plans for a big flashy release: no launch parties or giveaways - business as usual. 

"We're not going to move staff onto other projects. It's very much going to happen without much fuss" says the announcement. This is not to say the game is done, as Facepunch intends to keep the updates and improvements coming. 

Facepunch Studios A hand holding an axe in Rust Rust - 'And my axe'

The game will leave its weekly patches behind and move on to "more stable" monthly ones. The studio has set up a Staging version of their game, where they intend to put all the latest changes to the test.

Their plan looks like this:

  • Main Branch - monthly tested updates with smaller irregular hotfixes between them
  • Staging Branch - bleeding edge, daily updates

Facepunch doesn't want you to compare Rust to any other game, they want you to know that they are happy with their product and have deemed it ready for the real world. One problem: the real world is around 75 percent more expensive than Early Access.

Facepunch Studios A naked man in Rust Rust

When Rust fully launches you'll have to pay £29.99, instead of the usual £14.99, in order to play it. The announcement said:

"It sucks, it's going to cost more, but this was always the deal. And it's not like we're increasing the price to $60 without any warning." 

Consider yourselves warned, just don't freak out and run over to Steam in order to buy it "while you still can". Remember - business as usual.


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