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DayZ is leaving Xbox Game Preview, full release incoming

Published: 13:07, 20 March 2019
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Bohemia Interactive's zombie survival title DayZ is finally leaving Xbox Game Preview program and it's ready for full release on 27 March 2019. To celebrate the occasion, the devs shared a new trailer along with launch patch notes.

DayZ for Xbox One was initially announced back in 2015, before the official release on Xbox Game Preview program on 29 August 2018.

Since then, DayZ received several updates while the developers were working on a full release, which is now officially confirmed for 27 March 2019.

The developer Bohemia Interactive celebrated the occasion with a new, cinematic trailer called Every Day is a New Story. You can witness its gritty atmosphere above.

Furthermore, the devs also offered first details on what exactly Xbox One players can expect from DayZ 1.0 once it drops in a few weeks.

In short, all of the changes from the PC 1.01 update will be brought over to DayZ Xbox One version. These changes include persistence fixes, better server performance, improved inventory, new weapons and scope and more.

On top of these additions, the devs will also introduce new things specifically created for Xbox One version. Some of these are improved rendering performance that should prevent frame rate drops, new controller layout and changes to UI to make it more suitable for console play.

Xbox One players will also get some missing controls such as leaning, dodging, better optics interactions and holding breath.

One of the issues that was present in the early access was poor performance that occurred once players have a lot of items around them. According to Bohemia's post, the devs tackled this problem and optimised inventory performance.

Reddit picture shiwng soldier on the hill DayZ

There are also some general improvements to controls and night time and the full changelog should drop pretty soon, but Bohemia warn that it will be a pretty long one.

The devs also said that the full release is just an important milestone for DayZ and that support will continue after the launch with a year full of updates, including mouse and keyboard support, new content and more depth to some of the core gameplay features.

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